A place that we have forgotten – Southbank Parkland

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So, my long looking forwarded holiday began. We had a pretty late yum cha lunch after picking up my parents and my high school best friend, Edmond, from airport. Because of the limited time available, as we have to head back to Sunnybank for an early dinner, we decided to pay  Southbank Parkland a visit. It has been ages since we last visited Southbank. This is indeed the first time since the Brisbane flood in the beginning of year. Apart from the beach area seems to be bigger, there isn’t much changes at all. We sort of did a quick circle around the park. At one side of the park, we found this places where there are heaps of sea gull around. With bird and my 70-200mm of course are more bird photos. 

We actually spent quite a long time shooting bird there. After that we headed to the Brisbane Wheel, now one of the landmark of Southbank. I have to say, Southbank is a lot prettier with than without it.

It’s almost time for dinner after some photos of the Brisbane Wheel. We stopped by Kangaroo Point before we head back to Sunnybank for dinner. From there is a stunning Brisbane city view. This is made even better with the sunset.

Astrophotography – Star Trails at Mount Coot-tha

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Kinda got back to this after so many years. Haven’t been taken much of star trails for a few reasons. The change over from film to digital means the change in how it is taken. One single long exposure will result in a lot of noise generated.  I just ain’t ready to learn and try at that time. Another reason is that not many people are interested back years ago and finding accompany is difficult. I would not want to go out to the forest alone. This is probably the main reason. Thanks to digital now, taken any star field and star trail photos are made much easier. It’s not too hard anymore to find accompany as photography gets easier and more popular.

The 2 images below are taken at Mount Coot-tha. Mount Coot-tha isn’t the best location and not one of the locations i will recommended. It is too close to city and suffers from very bad light pollutions. Very sadly i found the sky from my front yard is even darker than it. Surprisingly though, the star trails turn out to be alright. I reckon the way those car trails are there actually made it pretty interesting (My own opinion only). The aeroplane is an accident though.  The star field could have been better with a darker sky. I was expecting to get some photos of the milky way and of course it is too bright for it, nor do i know the location. What a shame i can’t recognise any constellation that appears at this time of the year anymore. The only one i can recognise is Pegasus and that doesn’t help much.

Apart from taking star field and star trails photos, another things that i have tried is this time lapse video, something that is very popular these days.

Thunder Storm 15/10/2011

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It is again the thunder storm season when summer starts. Ever since it started to get warmer in Sep, we already had like 5 or 6 storm like this, although not as severe. Hopefully people managing the dam has learnt the lesson last year.


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Daddy Long Leg

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While sorting out some old photos i came across some photos with these Daddy Long Legs. The only spider that i don’t mind having at home as they actually keep redbacks and huntsman away.

Hong Kong – Sunset at the peak

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Some photos taken during the trip back to HK in March. Taken at the peak, which has one of the best views in HK.

Mt Tamborine Trip Day 2 – Part 4

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Part 4 contains mainly landscape photos taken throughout the day.

Mount Tamborine Trip Day 1

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Upon arrival at Mt Tamborine National Park, we went straight to the Curtis Fall. I was really looking forward to taking photos of Curtis Fall. It has been almost 4 years since the last time i took photos of waterfall in the national park at Coffs Harbour. Unlike the other waterfalls at Springbrook and Lamingtons National Park, where you have to walk at least an hour, getting to Curtis Fall is much easier – only 15 minutes walk. The downside is that Curtis Fall is quite small compare with the others.

Tried shooting the Curtis Fall from a different angle. I think we can stay there for a whole day.

Also tried some black and white photos. I always like black and white photos of the bush cause it makes the trees really stand out.

After taking photos of the Curtis Fall, we went for some lunch then check in at the park. We sort of hanging around the park looking for photo opportunities. Luckily, there were quite a lot of birds around the park.

Caught this duck landing on the pond. The photos turned out to be better than i thought, consider it was at least an hour after sunset and i was using iso 12800. Thanks to the high ISO performance, i was able to still use a fairly fast shutter to capture the moment the duck landed

I also find a lot of opportunities for insect macro photos.

A moth i found inside our room.

Here’s something that will definitely be found in a national park – mosquitoes. For some reason, they don’t  response very well. That gives us plenty of time for macro.

Backyard flower

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One thing about taking photos of flower is that you can take it anywhere. This is one that found in my backyard.

Nudgee Beach + Bird Hunting

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