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Mt Tamborine Trip Day 2 – Part 4

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Part 4 contains mainly landscape photos taken throughout the day.

Mt Tamborine Trip Day 2 – Part 3

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Part 3 has more birds in actions. The photos of lorikeets were taken at the Polish place in Mt Tamborine near Gallery walk. Looking at the lorikeets you will know where the word “Angry bird” comes from, why it has to be angry bird and not happy bird, funny bird etc. More duckies at the Cedar Creek Estate Winery. The rest of them are either taken at the Botanical Garden or randomly during the day.

This Lorikeet is a bit camera shy at first.

These lorikeets were in an argument.

And fighting is the only way for them to solve it. How sad..

Another 2 were also having a fight

An intruder came.

Acting silly…

Waiting for the perfect moment

And this is what happens to the intruder.

Back to eating after the intruder’s gone

This is what happens when you keep talking while other’s eating. “Get out of my way” said the Lorikeet.

More ducks, in particularly, one dancing duck and couples of flying ducks..

From the front, duck actually flies like a bat

Mt Tamborine Trip Day 2 – Part 1

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Due to the massive amount of image produced, also because i found it too hard to choose and display only a few photos, i have decided to break up the second day into different parts. In this post i will display mainly the flower photos taken in the botanical garden in Mt Tamborine.


The first activity of the second day was astrophotography at Mt Tamborine. This brought back memories of the old days where i was taking heaps of star fields and star trails photos on a film camera. I stopped taking this type of photos ever since i have switched to digital. Taken astronomical photography with DSLR is an entire different story, at least for star trails. Back in the days of film, i used to take star trails with a single exposure of 20 minutes or more. ┬áNow with digital, an exposure of such duration will most likely result in a lot of noise. Tried that with my D200. The image below was actually stacked by around 32 images, each exposed for 30 secs with f2.8 aperture and ISO400. The resulting image looks much clearer and seems to have avoided most light pollution too. Unfortunately, the setup on that day wasn’t perfect for star trails. It was severely covered with clouds and there wasn’t any foreground to make a nice landscape too. Anyhow, it would be a good experience for the next shot.

The next day ( mentally it is the next day after a night of sleep, although it is still the same “day” :D ) we got up at around 6.30am. Without having breakfast, we headed straight to the botanical garden in Mt Tamborine. This time of the year, botanical garden is a perfect place for shooting flowers and probably insect. I will only post those flower photos in this post since there are so many.

A closer look of the flower.

An even closer look so we can see the pollens.