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Wivenhoe Dam Release – Brisbane Flood 2011 Prologue

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We went there for the release simply thought it is something special as we have never watch a dam release before. But never have we thought we would have witnessed what contributed to the flooding in Brisbane. The flood report didn’t conclude Wivenhoe Dam release is not the cause of the Brisbane Flood 2011, but i personally believe Brisbane won’t be flooded if:

1) Our dam level isn’t always need to be kept over 100%

2) Our dam was released earlier but not when it’s nearly at a critical level

3) Our dam was released more frequently with a smaller amount each time.

4) Our dam was not release on heavy rainy day.

The condition of surrounding suburbs are heavily affected by the dam release. All the rivers in Mt Nebo National Park are all filled up with water from the dam release. Some part of Fernvale was flooded.

The photo taken during this trip, after processing are no longer in a documentary type. It was processed to add more mood to the photos and have them present in an artistic way. However, the degree on the flood has not been manipulated. What you see was what happened there.

In conclusion, it indicated a problem when Brisbane flooded at a bright sunny day.


Perspective and creativity are all that matters.

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Just about anything can be used as an object for photograph. Found this in Vapiano in city and think this is quite interesting.

Winter Festival 2011

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Winter Festival is probably the only time to ice skate outside Brisbane City Hall. Unfortunately, ice skating is never one of my favourites and i am just happy to be outside photographing.

While thinking the ordinary skating photos are too common, i notice the round light from the festival actually made the scratch on the ice quite interesting. Under exposed a couple of photo with increased contrast and a bit of processing made the photos below.

Another attraction of the Winter Festival is the ice skating show. A perfect chance to practice. Trying not to use a very fast shutter with everything frozen, and keeping the shutter speed low with some blurred motion but a face that’s sharp enough is totally not easy. Didn’t try any pan shot though is a pity. By the time i was about to do pan shoot the show had already ended…