A place that we have forgotten – Southbank Parkland

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So, my long looking forwarded holiday began. We had a pretty late yum cha lunch after picking up my parents and my high school best friend, Edmond, from airport. Because of the limited time available, as we have to head back to Sunnybank for an early dinner, we decided to pay ¬†Southbank Parkland a visit. It has been ages since we last visited Southbank. This is indeed the first time since the Brisbane flood in the beginning of year. Apart from the beach area seems to be bigger, there isn’t much changes at all. We sort of did a quick circle around the park. At one side of the park, we found this places where there are heaps of sea gull around. With bird and my 70-200mm of course are more bird photos.¬†

We actually spent quite a long time shooting bird there. After that we headed to the Brisbane Wheel, now one of the landmark of Southbank. I have to say, Southbank is a lot prettier with than without it.

It’s almost time for dinner after some photos of the Brisbane Wheel. We stopped by Kangaroo Point before we head back to Sunnybank for dinner. From there is a stunning Brisbane city view. This is made even better with the sunset.

Wivenhoe Dam Release – Brisbane Flood 2011 Prologue

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We went there for the release simply thought it is something special as we have never watch a dam release before. But never have we thought we would have witnessed what contributed to the flooding in Brisbane. The flood report didn’t conclude Wivenhoe Dam release is not the cause of the Brisbane Flood 2011, but i personally believe Brisbane won’t be flooded if:

1) Our dam level isn’t always need to be kept over 100%

2) Our dam was released earlier but not when it’s nearly at a critical level

3) Our dam was released more frequently with a smaller amount each time.

4) Our dam was not release on heavy rainy day.

The condition of surrounding suburbs are heavily affected by the dam release. All the rivers in Mt Nebo National Park are all filled up with water from the dam release. Some part of Fernvale was flooded.

The photo taken during this trip, after processing are no longer in a documentary type. It was processed to add more mood to the photos and have them present in an artistic way. However, the degree on the flood has not been manipulated. What you see was what happened there.

In conclusion, it indicated a problem when Brisbane flooded at a bright sunny day.


Brisbane and Gold Coast 5 years ago

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Sort of retouching some landscape photos taken 6 years ago and realised the city has changed quite a bit.