A place that we have forgotten – Southbank Parkland

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So, my long looking forwarded holiday began. We had a pretty late yum cha lunch after picking up my parents and my high school best friend, Edmond, from airport. Because of the limited time available, as we have to head back to Sunnybank for an early dinner, we decided to pay  Southbank Parkland a visit. It has been ages since we last visited Southbank. This is indeed the first time since the Brisbane flood in the beginning of year. Apart from the beach area seems to be bigger, there isn’t much changes at all. We sort of did a quick circle around the park. At one side of the park, we found this places where there are heaps of sea gull around. With bird and my 70-200mm of course are more bird photos. 

We actually spent quite a long time shooting bird there. After that we headed to the Brisbane Wheel, now one of the landmark of Southbank. I have to say, Southbank is a lot prettier with than without it.

It’s almost time for dinner after some photos of the Brisbane Wheel. We stopped by Kangaroo Point before we head back to Sunnybank for dinner. From there is a stunning Brisbane city view. This is made even better with the sunset.

Brunei Trip 2011

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This is the second time i went to Brunei. Unlike the first trip to Brunei back in 2007, instead of staying for a few days, i am only there couple of hours waiting for my transit flight back to HK. At the airport, there are quite a few tours for transit passengers. Rather than waiting at the boarding room, we decided to join the tour and explore the city again.

The first stop is a park in Brunei’s capital city, Bandar Seri Begawan. Opposite the park, across the river is the Kampong Ayer, the largest and the most famous water village in Southeast Asia.

Water taxi is the main transport between Kampong Ayer and the city.

The next stop is the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, located right in the heart of Bandar Seri Begawan.

The third stop, before we head back to the airport, is the Jame’asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque. Although not as spectacular as the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, it is the largest Mosque in Brunei.

Nudgee Beach + Bird Hunting

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Sunset at Cleveland Point

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This is the second time i took sunset photos at Cleveland Point. Sunset is no doubt one of the favourite for most photographer, thanks to the beautiful colour soon after the sun is set. I am in no exception. The only thing i found with sunset (or sunrise) is that the photos can really be quite repetitive. Luckily, unlike the first time at Cleveland Point, this time i went at high tide (I didn’t really check the tides before going =P) and makes it quite different from last time.

Portfolio update: added Ayu’s photos into portraits gallery

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Taken at one of the beach near Main Beach

Portfolio update: Dogs and sea gulls photos added to animal gallery

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More animal photos can be found following the link below

Animal Gallery

Portfolio update: Architecture

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Photos taken from Versace  Gold Coast

Portfolio update: Landscape

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Uploaded some photos taken around Main Beach back in Feb

Portfolio update: Flowers

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AusSounds Australian Day Concert 2011

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You don’t get much chance to take photo of Guy Sebastian, and even doing it for FREE. I happened to be lucky enough to get such an opportunity. There you go our first Australian Idol.

In the middle of the concert is a very small riot. A group of people aren’t happy about people celebrating Australian Day with Brisbane Flood just happened a week ago. I can totally understand why. It is so sad to see on the news and hear from people who lost their loved one, lost everything as their properties were inundated. But what can people do? Sad things happen everyday around the world. Should the whole society stop whenever a tragedy happened?